CrystalstoneUSA proudly unveils its superior quality quartz surfaces, meticulously produced and manufactured in Sri Lanka.

CrystalstoneUSA, a brand under Ruhunu Lanka Minerals Pvt Ltd and a subsidiary of CeyQuartz, maintains a streamlined operation and supply chain.  This control spans from mining to the factory, ensuring the superior quality of raw materials for the production of engineered stone surfaces.  We take great pride in the artistry involved in crafting exquisite quartz products while maintaining an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. From responsible sourcing to innovative manufacturing, we set the industry standard for sustainable practices, offering refined aesthetics with a conscious commitment to a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Renowned for its extraordinary hardness, quartz, composed of silicon and oxygen, becomes the epitome of durability in our products.  Due to its remarkable strength, quartz surfaces are a reliable choice for countertops, wall cladding, flooring solutions, and various furniture accents.  Boasting a concentration of pure quartz exceeding 93%, CrystalstoneUSA surfaces prove stronger than granite, resisting scratches, chips, and cracks.  The non-porous nature acts as a powerful barrier against viruses and bacteria, ensuring a hygienic, mold-free environment.

Our quartz surfaces epitomize luxury, standing up to the rigors of everyday use while retaining their captivating allure.  Additionally, as a company dedicated to accessibility, we tailor pricing without compromising the exceptional quality of our products.

Immerse yourself in the future of luxury with CrystalstoneUSA – a brand that seamlessly blends innovation, elegance, and eco-conscious practices.

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Founder’s Message


Founder, Crystalstone

Born in Matale, a famous hill station in Sri Lanka, he established the CeyQuartz factory in this district with the objective of giving back to the people of the area. A naturalist and an environmentalist from his early days and nurtured through his tea planting career, his love for nature & wildlife- especially Elephants - was well known and knew no bounds. His ethos extended so far as to go out of his way to protect valuable trees during the construction of the CeyQuartz Factory. This care and concern for the environment continues to be the framework of the Organizational Culture of CeyQuartz, driving us to achieve ISO 14001:2015 status. CeyQuartz embarks on the next 20 years with the leadership of the next generation, with his vision of making Sri Lankan value-added minerals the best in the world intact, putting people before profit and firmly grounded in his motto to "get it right the first time".

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